Bead CrayZ was once a full service bead shop offering a wide variety of jewelry making supplies, Czech glass 523962_343599362361372_1256718329_nbeads, Chinese glass beads, semi-precious stone beads (sold both individually and on strands), findings in various base metals and sterling, swarovski crystals, Toho seed beads,and basic beading tools. We also offered Bead Parties in our local area.

Bead CrayZ specialized in $2.00 Bags of Beads, which came in 1000’s of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. These beads were glass, ceramic, wood, seeds, shells, or other natural materials – we did NOT knowingly sell plastic beads. The quantities in these $2.00 bags varied. Our goal was to allow beaders to purchase a variety of beads at a reasonable cost.

Bead CrayZ used to always carry a large selection of semi-precious stone beads sold both individually and by the strand. All of these were hand picked, and came in 100’s of shapes, styles, sizes and colors.However, we decided to turn Bead CrayZ into a hub for all things having to do with beads, instead of an online store. Giant online businesses have made it harder for little sites, like ours, to make a profit with all the mega discounts they give; so instead of fighting with them, we decided to work with them instead.

Occasionally on this site you will be given links to some offers that we will get paid on, but only as a “middle man” – we are no longer in charge of providing the actual product. However, having been in the industry for as long as we were, we have great insight into the many styles, and brands, of beads our readers will get great value from. It is astounding all of the beauty that comes OUT of our earth, and with modern technology, and the ability to heat, treat, and dye stones, the possibilities are practically endless. Please enjoy our blog, and use some of the ideas to create your masterpieces.